An irresistible offer from APN Billing

An irresistible offer from APN Billing

APN Billing’s 4th anniversary bonanza offer is here. Partner with us and enjoy a fixed 3% charge on all your insurance collections. We’ll not only help you collect all that is due on every claim but also save you money by charging at a fixed charge of 3% only.


At APN, we take pride in being the preferred choice for a growing number of chiropractors across the nation. With around 4 years into business and thousands of claims processed, we have helped many chiropractic offices return to profitability.


Make the most of your partnership with APN

From expanding your practice and buying new equipment to increasing your take-home pay, there is is so much that your practice can do with an extra $10,000 or $100,000 per year, right? With our bonanza offer, get ready to not only collect more on your claims but also save significantly.

Why APN Billing?

  • Our top-notch services related to billing, A/R and collections has helped our chiropractic clients increase their profitability by over 15%.
  • We process thousands of claims every year, offering up to 30% savings to our clients and reduced denials of more than 85%.
  • With our team of experts, net collection rates for our clients have gone up by over 95%.
  • Our team of coders and billers bring more than 5 years of experience to the table, helping our clients obtain timely payments.

We don’t get paid, unless you get paid and there is no need to worry about inflated prices with us because we ensure complete transparency.

With this exciting offer and our dedicated expert billing team you are sure to eliminate your billing headaches, get quicker payments, reduce A/R and enjoy steady monthly cash flow.


Want to start collecting more dollars? Please call us at (786) 232-4454 or email us on today to get more details on this offer.


Hurry! Offer valid only for first 10 registrations.