About us

Our aim is to provide the best Chiropractic Insurance Billing Services to our clients.


Chiropractic & Medical Billing Company

APN Billing deliverer’s total back-office processing solutions to help organizations of all sizes reduce costs by allowing them to focus on their core business. The key to a profitable practice lies in personalized and sensitive patient care. Our Medical Billing Services objective is to reduce hassle for health care providers, improve their cash flow and reduce their risk exposure.

Our Medical Billing Services team is specialized in Chiropractic, Physical Therapy Billing, Optometry & Ophthalmology Billing, Ob/GynBilling, DME, Podiatry billing Occupational & Speech Therapy Billing, Psychiatric Billing, Wound care, Pharmacy Billing, Urgent Care Billing, Radiology Billing, Emergency Billing, we can do it all, and WE WILL GET RESULTS !


APN Billing is a completely customer-driven company that meets and exceeds the Medical Billing Services Level requirements of our clients while maintaining security and quality standards. We are flexible in our operating approach and highly sensitive to the financial needs of our customers. In fact, APN Billing has voluntarily reduced pricing for our customers when our operational improvements allowed it.

APN Billing doesn’t just deliver. We over deliver! Our team is an extended arm to our clients, and our domain experts are constantly delivering suggested process upgrades and recommendations for saving more money, more time and boosting efficiency within our client’s businesses. On top of that, we over-deliver on our accuracy promise of 98%. Every day, our clients can enjoy a 99.0-99.5% accuracy rate for each of their processes.Often times even more. Our internal process to extraordinary outcomes is as simple as 1-2-3:


  • Business understanding
  • Process mapping
  • Process evaluation (based on complexity,
  • criticality, cost and risk)
  • Defining of strategic services road map
  • Defining Service Level Agreements (SLA)


  • Deployment of appropriate processes and technology
  • Re-engineering of migrated processes
  • Implementation and e-risking strategies)
  • Transition management
  • Resourcing and training
  • Implementation and evaluation of pilot
  • Assimilation of take-outs from pilot
  • Quality management
  • Medical Billing Services


  • Delivering productivity, savings and quality
  • Meeting and exceeding SLAs
  • Process and progress reviews
  • Review of road ahead
  • Client-side training and deployment